Recently Received Appreciations From Our Valuable Clients!


Richard Garcia


I felt it is now the time to share the appreciation received for your booth work both from our Customers, and internal Team. You very well understood Our expectation, and made the design to meet the satisfaction index of us. Your dedication given this recognition, and I really appreciate the Exhicon’s good work.

Convey my appreciation to your entire team, and keep up this good work all times.

Thanks & Regards
Vice President – Sales & Marketing
NMTronics India Pvt Ltd


Toray International India Pvt. Ltd.

Sorry to get delay to deliver “Thank you” to your great contribution on PLASTINDIA 2015
due to a lot of thing to do after the big show.

Thanks to your team, we could get big response from our customers
And competitors than expected. Our stall’s reputation during the show
Was quite good and many global competitors came to see our stall every day.

As comparison with last PLASTINDIA 2013, we could get much better
Service on the points below than those of 2013.

1) Punctual service (One day before stall construction had been finished)

2) Good maintenance (During the show, at least one maintenance man were there)

3) Excellent finishing & construction materials (Last time, there was a gap

between the stall drawing and actual stall materials in worse side,

however, this time, the actual stall was equal or better than the drawing

because you used very good glossy materials for floors, board etc.

I really appreciate this point)

4) Good & quick response (Even I did extra request for additional light and panels

during the show, your team kindly accepted them and did them immediately.)

According to my 4 years experience in India,
such a service provider like your team seems quite a few in India.
I felt very lucky on working with you & really satisfied with your work this time.
Let me confess my biggest appreciation on your team.

Maybe next time, my successor will take care of it, anyway I will tell him my experience
And your contribution. I hope we can work together again.

I wish your teams’ prosperity and healthy working.

Best wishes with thanks.

Takayuki Fujimaki

Toray International India